AntAll is currently a self-funded national NGO which was founded in 2017 to support women in Myanmar.

Women in Myanmar

Our Story

In Myanmar, a few hundred thousands of young women can’t afford quality higher education. With or without diplomas, this points them to a future of unemployment or informal work, where their eagerness to work goes untapped. It is in this pool that we identify women with potential for cleaning/ maid business. It is not necessary that a person who is a complete novice in maid field/ service. We have the training course which anyone can join/ co-operate with AntAll team. In our training, our trainees gain the knowledge and team skills needed to work as cleaners, in the businesses and houses locally. They also connected to a new community of tenacious women who support each other to shine. The result is that women transform their lives and change the face of an entire industry.

Our Mission

  • Through edifying foremost and efficacious vocational training, the Country’s women are going to encounter not only applicable training but also experience internationally standardizing mechanism
  • In the absence of systematize and qualified education for Myanmar women, they should have an anticipation or opportunity in assuring the employment which are accumulated by our organization.
  • Bridging with erudite knowledge and fastidious mentorship into technical training, Myanmar women can leverage their potential capacity and aptitude to the pre-eminent extent.
  • In order to inaugurate and establish a dependable community for Myanmar women which may do well out of transparency and convey their voices.
  • Through our very intensive, accredited and certified, Myanmar women must acquire indispensable part time or full time professions in various and their related occupation.
  • By connecting women to financial services, advanced business and vocational trainings, and support networks, we increase their ability to grow their businesses and unlock their full potential.

Our Vision

  • Accompanied by virtuous and unyielding ambience, establishing a very firm community for the Country’s women by developing their skills and expertise with standardized vocational training consistently and dramatically
  • Escalating and enhancing the Country’s women as in terms of economically as well as financially
  • Encouraging and empowering women who are illiterate, initiated in education and unable to afford tertiary education
  • Through knowledge and education, to be part of contribution in strengthening the Country’s Economy, Craftsmanship & Industrial Progress

Why Women

The economic growth effect on gender inequality and performance on the creativity has been weak. As the survey of 2015 Myanmar Labour Force Survey (LFS) , women labour is 47.7 percent compared to men’s 78 percent because they traditionally lack access to resources, financial services, occupy informal jobs, have lower skills level and are often concentrated in a narrower range of occupations often with poor remuneration. And then, the women who are not able to afford higher education. Our approach is to promote women’s economic empowerment via skill training to support them, especially those who have not completed quality education or unqualified education.

Women are not being supported by We believe in women who are looking for an opportunity to change their life that allows them to grow personally and professionally with us.