Our Achievement & On Going Program

At AntAll we believe in Myanmar women to do house chores and professional cleaning since they could be best at and many more.

We believe in women who are looking for an opportunity to change their life that allows them to grow personally and professionally with AntAll. We offer an intensive training in a week will allow them to start to get work in the cleaning industry. Before intensive training course, we collect their personal data record for clients’ security. Therefore they must be registered with their certain documents and testimonials. 

To our program, by its format, we call it “AntAll“. It is an intensive format, face-to-face and with 9 hours a day of hands-on training. After finishing the training course, the operation team connects with companies and let them provide the housekeeping service. Furthermore, at this stage, we connect with MyanAnts to create 100% job opportunity and they serve as the professional helper at the customer home within three hour or six hours respectively. By partnering with MyanAnts alike other companies we can create thousands of job opportunities for women.