Upcoming Programs

Language Training

Language plays a big part of the daily life to communicate effectively. AntAll aim to provide not only vocational skills but also language skills. We believe providing this language class is essential to take the next level of their personal development.


Our training focuses on the 2 main components. First is to provide cooking training which will include western and traditional styles of cooking. 

On the other hand, we would also provide baking and beverage training for those who would like to learn to develop their skills. We are planning to partner with some NGO to provide these trainings.

Our main goal is to enhance their skills professionally and systematically.

Textile & Garment making

AntAll believes women can learn and develop their skills to create textile and garments at their own free time. This could potentially be their part time job to support their family. Our aim is to provide only basic garment and textile making but also to provide the advanced level of these skills to reach the professional level within a period of time.

Beauty – Hair Design, Make up

For those who would love to open small saloon or become a makeup artist, AntAll will have specific program to help and achieve their dreams. We won’t just support them with teaching but also we will provide them on the job training at our best.

Nursing – Elderly care, chronic condition, Baby sitting

AntAll divided into 3 main areas to support women with nursing training.

  • To support elderly
  • To assist chronic condition patients
  • To help and support mothers’ with their babies

Our goal is to provide the nursing knowledge from foundation to support not only for patients but also for family. One day, we aim to reach the international nursing standards.


Youth Threats Program

Protect or Prevent Sexual Abuse/ harrasment

Sexual violence in children is increasing every day in Myanmar. The ultimate aim is to reduce sexual violence in childern, adoption of children sexual abuse, to organize campaign constistently, acknowledge and publication about Sexual violence and their rights and then ,to stregthen the children molestation law of Myanmar.

Prevention use of drugs

Nowadays, kids and young people need to be on the right path as they will be the Country’s leaders in one day. Drugs and other addictive drugs must be discouraged. ‘AntAll’ aims to collaborate with teachers, parents and other antinacotic practitioners in order to organize campaign at government and private schools as well as with other publication to outreach nationwide.
Acknowledgement sex & pregrancy

Youth Development Program

Literacy – Science, Maths, Physics


  • Automotive Repair

  • Carpentry – furniture, construction

  • Electrician – Aircon, Washing machine, TV, wiring

  • Mobile Servicing